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Kidotronics, Kolkata – Robotics and STEM-based educational institution for children

At Kidotronics, we offer a variety of programs to children of different age groups. Children from the age of 6 years up to the age of 17 years can enrol. The different courses that are offered have different age requirements. Please get in touch with us, and we will enrol the student in a suitable program based on their age and prior experience.

We also organize workshops and classes on demand for adults!

Depending on their age and the program they have enrolled into, the take away for students is different.

In general, the classes are all hands-on practical classes, where they get to experience science and math that has been taught in their schools. The children experience a fun and engaging workshop where they encounter concepts and applications of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

In the robotics programs for example, the children learn principles of science and physics such as understanding simple machines, forces, Newton’s laws, speed-distance calculation, gears and gear ratios. Technology behind the sensors used in the designs is taught, along with the technology behind other components used such as motors and microcontrollers. They learn concepts of mechanical engineering while constructing the model, concepts of electronics while connecting the electronic components together and concepts of programming when they finally code to give the robot life. They also have to execute mathematic calculations along the way. Concepts covered in mathematics include (depending on age) – Geometry, Pythagoras theorem, trigonometry, calculations around radius & circumference of circles, gear ratios, speed, distance and time, data collection and analysis, ratios, concepts of algebra, coordinate planes and dimensions.

This fun and practical approach to education is beneficial in several ways for the child! They experience what it is like to be an engineer at a young age – identifying a problem, gathering information about the problem at hand, figuring out possible methods of solving the problem, attempting their possible solutions, and finally determining the best and most efficient one.

The program helps them improve the way they think and attack problems, and experience the science and mathematics with a hands on approach, which ensures that the concepts are well established with their logic.

The skills that children develop during our classes include procedural thinking, spatial skills, dexterity, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

We keep a separate database for each student that enrols with us, and each project that they attempt is recorded. This ensures that the child continues to grow and learn newer and more advanced topics, and each child gets the special attention & care to achieve that.

If your child has previously finished a camp or regular class with us, he/she will get completely new projects to work with in their next session. They will construct different robots, and learn different concepts of STEM along the way.

Yes absolutely, our style of teaching is very successful for a mixed age group. Different projects are assigned to children based on their capabilities, level of understanding and age. We also encourage cognitive learning from peers in our classes. Children during their developing years tend to pick up and learn a lot from their surrounding and peers.
The robotic kits we provide to the students are internationally manufactured premium kits that are fairly expensive. The same kit is used to make multiple models across different classes. These kits are provided to the students for the period of their class. If you wish to purchase a separate kit for your child, we will be happy to assist you in sourcing one.
We have several levels that a student can learn within robotics itself (Over 190 projects according to their age and level!). Along with robotics, we also encourage students to learn Arduino, Scratch programming, 3D Printing and Drones. These can be taught depending on their age and advancement in projects. Science is a continuously learning process, and we ensure that the child has the resources to continue grasping, excelling and reaching new heights!
We are located in Kolkata, West Bengal. The nearest landmark is Triangular Park (off Rashbehari Avenue). Our complete address is: 26, Anil Roy Road, Triangular Park, Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata – 29. Please search for “Kidotronics” on Google Maps for convenience in finding us.
Yes, we are open Monday – Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm, but are closed on Sundays.